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Preliminary Call for Papers GANJ 2019

Tentative Meeting Dates
Conference: Friday October 18, 2019
Field Trip: Saturday October 19, 2019
This is a preliminary call for papers to alert potential interested participants of The Annual Meeting and Field Trip for the 36th gathering of the Geological Association of New Jersey. Our general theme will be the “Geology and Paleontology of Monmouth County, New Jersey”.

Our tentative plans are to use Brookdale Community College as our meeting location and review nearby geologic features. In particular this will include visits to the rare surface exposures of the Campanian-Maastrichtian stratigraphic boundary found at Big Brook and Ramanessin Brook Parks. These sites, along with nearby Poricy Brook Park (visited by GANJ in 2011) are popular publicly accessible fossil collecting localities.

We are looking for contributors doing research or other investigations at these or other nearby sites as well as suggestions for additional field stops beyond Big Brook and Ramanessin Parks. Potential topics based on these sites and the local Coastal Plain geology include:

  • Stratigraphy (whether litho-; bio-; time-; allo-; hydro- or sequence-);
  • Paleontology (notably Cretaceous and Pleistocene);
  • Palynology (notably Campanian-Maastrichtian biostratigraphy);
  • Geomorphology (notably post-Pleistocene flood-plains);
  • Environmental and Engineering Geology;
  • Education (notably public access to fossil and rock collecting sites);
  • Archeology (Indian and colonial artifacts are commonly found at these localities);
  • Economic and History of Geology (such as the past Greensand, Clay and Iron Bog Industries);
  • Petrology and Mineralogy (notably the geochemistry and origin of glauconite; clay; silts; and sands of the Coastal Plain)

Details directions regarding locations, dates and deadlines will follow later this Spring 2019. In the meantime, feel free to contact Jim Brown, President ( or Tim Macaluso, Past-President ( if you have suggestions or questions.