Environmental Geology of Central New Jersey

Field Guide and Proceedings, XXVIII Annual Meeting (2011)

Emma C. Rainforth & Alan Uminski (eds.)

Technical Papers and Abstracts
How laterally extensive are major conductive fractures in the Passaic Formation? Richard Britton & Andrew Michalski
Hydraulic diffusivity-based methodologies for characterization of fractured rock hydrogeologic regimes: examples from the Passaic Formation, New Jersey Robert D. Mutch, Jr.
3 Characterization of a previously unmapped subsurface fault zone in central New Jersey Robert Bond
4 Earthquake loss estimation for Middlesex and Monmouth counties, New Jersey Scott D. Stanford, Ronald S. Pristas, David W. Hall & Jeffrey S. Waldner
22 Direct-sensing tools for the evaluation of overburden geology and formation hydraulic properties in unconsolidated sedimentary deposits of New Jersey Jason C. Ruf & Matthew Ruf
23 Stratigraphy and hydrogeology of the Cretaceous-age Raritan and Magothy formations in the Sayreville-Parlin area, Midlesex County, New Jersey John W Jengo
45 Groundwater/surface water interaction at an EPA Superfund site on the coastline of New Jersey John Dougherty
47 Correlation of outcrop to subsurface Magothy Formation sequences and members Peter Sugarman, James Browning, Kenneth Miller & Andrew Kulpecz
48 Critical Area I: A success story Jeffrey L. Hoffman
57 Teachers' Workshop: Challenging common misconceptions in earth and environmental science Jane Alexander

Field Guide
61 Road Log Alan Uminski
62 Stop 1: Coppermine Brook, Edison Bob Bond & Kevin Kelly
66 Stop 2: Kennedy Park, Sayreville John Jengo
70 Stop 3: Sayreville Scott Stanford
74 Stop 4: Bayshore Waterfront Park, Port Monmouth Reed A. Schwimmer
75 Stop 5: Poricy Brook, Middletown Twp James O. Brown

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