Geology of the Greater Trenton Area and its impact on the Capitol City

Field Guide and Proceedings, XXVII Annual Meeting (2010)

Pierre Lacombe(ed.)

Technical Papers
Introduction Pierre Lacombe
Institutions of Geology and Geologic Education in the Greater Trenton Area Pierre Lacombe
Geologic Overview of the Trenton Prong, West-Central New Jersey Richard A. Volkert
58 Geology, Iron, Steel, and the Archaeology of Petty's Run Ian C. Burrow
62 Brownstone Quarrying Industry in the Wilburtha District and City of Trenton, Mercer County, NJ J. Mark Zdepski
78 Trenton as a Transportation Nexus and Seat of Hydropower Richard F. Hunter
82 Possible Investigations of the Hydrogeology of the Lockatong Formation Pierre Lacombe
89 Geological sources of radionuclides and arsenic in Triassic age rift-valley sediments (Newark Supergroup) and implications for distribution in groundwater in Mercer County, New Jersey Zoltan Szabo, Julia L. Barringer, Steve Spayd
92 Geology of the Pennington Trap Rock (Diabase) Quarry. Mercer County Gregory C. Herman, John H. Dooley, Larry F. Mueller
120 Pliocene and Qauternary Geology of the Trenton Area Scott D. Stanford

Field Guide
Road Log Pierre Lacombe
133 Stop 1: Old Trenton Barracks, Petty's Run Arcahaeological Excavation Pierre Lacombe, Richard A. Volkert, Richard Hunter, Ian Burrow
146 Stop 2: Metamorphic rock outcrops behind Catholic Charities and in Delaware and Raritan Feeder Canal Overflow Channel Richard A. Volkert
150 Stop 3: Outcrops of Chickies Quartzite at Graystones Park, Morrisville, A Richard A. Volkert
153 Stop 4: Scudder's Falls section of the D&R Canal Richard Hunter, Pierre Lacombe
160 Stop 5: Pennigton Trap Rock Quarry Greg Herman
162 Stop 6: Bedrock Geology of Crystal Lake Park, Burlington County, New Jersey Peter J. Sugarman and Pierre Lacombe

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