2016 GANJ 33 Prospect Park Trap Rock Quarry,
Paterson, NJ GPS, outcrop, and BTV data files

Adobe PDF files, MS Excel (*.xlsx), MS PowerPoint (*.pptx) and Google Earth
(GE -*.KMZ) files used to visualize the geology at the trap-rock quarry. These
data can be used with custom on-line software to generate KMZ files using
2D and 3D structural symbols for display in Google Earth.

Click on the image below for higher resolution.
Prospect Park Trap Rock quarry in 3D

This GE graphic shows outcropping fractures (pink ellipses) and shear planes (red ellipses) mapped at
land surface using a hand-held GPS receiver (orange tracks) and a Brunton compass wheras the 3D
wellfield shows basalt layering (orange ellipses) and sedimentary beds (green ellipses) in 3 wells based
on optical-borehole imaging (BTV-OBI) data. Also note the red trace of the cross-section profile.

KMZ file showing the outcrop and BTV data collected by the NJGWS in 2015

NJGWS 2016 Geology of the Prospect Park Trap-Rock Quarry.kmz (5 MB)

PDF files of the raw, uninterpreted OBI Data

NJGWS PPQ_BW1_OBI.pdf  (384 KB)
NJGWS PPQ_BW2_OBI.pdf  (245 KB)
NJGWS PPQ_BW3_OBI.pdf  (245 KB)

WellCAD Data files of the interpeted BTV (OBI) Records
(Click here to download the free WellCAD File Reader)

NJGWS PPQ_BW1_OBI_2015_10_21.WCL (11.6 MB)
NJGWS PPQ_BW2_OBI_2015_10_21.WCL (11.6 MB)


PDF version of the MS PowerPoint file of the resulting 2D Hydrogeological Framework

NJGWS 2016 Prospect Park Quarry Paterson NJ.pdf (7.0 MB)

MS Excel file of the BTV Data formatted for use in Google Earth

NJGWS PPQ_BTV data for BW1 to BW3 Structures.xlsx (4.9 MB)


Plotting Collada object models as geological symbols in Google Earth

Insert a model below in Google Earth using the following commands from GE's Menu

<Add> <Model> and specify the path below using one of the filenames in the <Link> entry tab:



Note that there are also white versions of each black, 2D symbol shown above.


These data files were produced by the NJGWS as part of on-going fractured-bedrock research.
Please contact gcherman56@yahoo.com with any questions regarding their use and metadata.

GCH 07-11-2015