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GANJ logo 2015 Geological Association of New Jersey Annual Conference and Field Trip
Neotectonics in the region of the New York Recess

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When: Friday and Saturday October 16th and 17th, 2015

Where: Friday meeting at Lafayette College, Easton, PA
            Friday dinner at the Ship Inn, Milford, NJ
            Saturday Field Trip leaving from Flemington, NJ

Our focus this year is on the current geological setting and tectonic activity in the region of New York Recess centered on New Jersey.  Our goal is to promote the understanding of neotectonic processes in this region by integrating geological and geophysical data using Google Earth to help elucidate present-day states of crustal stress and associated strain responses. For this year's meeting we have a full slate of speakers, a tour of the Lafayette College geology department and museum planned, a private room reserved for Friday dinner at a microbrewery in Milford, NJ about 1/2 hour drive east of Lafayette College, and four thought-provoking field stops planned for Saturday, two of which are active commerical quarries and agreggate-processing plants.

Lafayette Football Homecoming is on campus Saturday so will avoid Easton, Pa. and use a convenient commuter lot in Flemington NJ for the field trip. If you want to stay overnight Friday for Saturday's trip, we recommend staying in Flemington, NJ which is only 35 min from Lafayette College. Simply conduct a Google search for 'Hotels in Flemington, NJ' and you wil get more details that you will need to secure a room. The field trip will assemble at from 7:30 - 7:50 am and depart promptly at 8:00. Please plan accordingly.

*PLEASE NOTE: Friday evening dinner for GANJ board members, speakers, and guests will be at the Ship Inn in Milford NJ at 6:30 pm following the meeting in Easton.  We have reservations for 30 in the Inn's brew house this year, and because of the size of the venue, it's by invitation only. Attendance and payment for this will be handled personally and is not part of the regular GANJ registration process. Please email us if you're interested in becoming active on the board.

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Please note again, that the meetings is in Easton Pa but our field trip assembles and departs from a commuter bus lot in Flemington NJ.  Remember to bring a hard hat, hiking boots, and extra socks for the field trip!


FRIDAY 10/16 - Lafayette College Campus 
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The Teacher's workshop and lecture break are in Van Winkle Hall
(Geology Department) located on South College Drive.

12:30 to 1:30 pm:  Teacher's Workshop; Teaching Earth science using Google Earth.  Dr. Gregory Herman, NJ Geological & Water Survey

GANJ 32 MS-Excel and Google Earth KMZ files -
Recently compiled geological and geophysical data assembled for the region by G.C. Herman include historical seismicity catalogs, rivers, streams, major watershed boundaries, and current crustal motions captured from ground-based, continuously operated global-positioning-system (GPS) receiving stations. Access to these data are explained and demonstrated in this workshop including computer-lab exercises used to teach intro geology at TCNJ. Attendees will download and visualize some of the data in a classroom environment using their own laptop commuters connected to the college's Wi-Fi.

The lectures are in Oechlse Hall (pronounced Oxley)
located east of the parking garage, near the corner of High and Hamilton Streets.

1:30 to 1:50 pm:
  Welcoming comments, state of the GANJ organization, and business meeting - Dr. Gregory Herman, NJ Geological & Water Survey

1:55 to 2:25 pm: 
Review of New York City bedrock with a focus on brittle structures - Dr. Charles Merguerian, Duke Geological Laboratories

2:30 to 3:00 pm:
Re-Os isotope evidence an Early Tertiary episode of crustal faulting and sulfide-mineralization in Pennsylvania with probable ties to the Chesapeake Bay bolide impact in Maryland, USA - Dr. Ryan Mathur, Juniata College

3:05 to 3:30 pm:
Geomorphic paleogeodesy and intraplate deformation associated with the Central Virginia Seismic Zone (CVSZ) - Dr. Frank Pazzaglia, Lehigh University

3:35 to 4:15 pm:
Lafayette College geology museum and department tour, snacks and refreshments - Dr. Dru Germanoski, Lafayette College

4:25 to 4:55 pm:
Neotectonics of the New York Recess - Dr. Gregory Herman, NJ Geological & Water Survey

5:00 to 5:40 pm:
KEYNOTE TALK The New Jersey Coastal Plain: A key to deciphering past, present, and future sea-level change. - Dr. Kenneth Miller, Rutgers University

5:45 to 6:00 pm:
Concluding remarks and discussion

6:30 to 8:30 pm:  
Post-meeting dinner at the Ship Inn Milford, NJ.
                           Prviate dinner reservations for a group of 30.


SATURDAY 10/17 - Field Trip 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Meet at the Liberty Village Commuter Lot in Flemington, NJ

Remember to bring a hard hat, hiking boots, and extra socks for the field trip!

Field-Trip Itinerary

Time Activity Distance/driving time
8:00 am Leave Flemington NJ Liberty Village Commuter Lot at 81 RJ-12W ~16mi/30 min.
8:30 am Arrive at STOP 1 at 1 Railroad Ave, Glen Gardner NJ;
Eastern Concrete Materials plant
10:30 am Leave for 48 Valley Road, Lambertville, NJ, Hopewell Twp.,  ~30 mi./46 min.
11:15 am  Arrive at STOP 2, 48 Valley Road, Lambertville, NJ, Hopewell Twp.;
Mercer County Park at Valley Road
1:15 pm Leave for 1601 Daniel Bray Highway (Rt-29 S), Lambertville, NJ ~2 mi./3 min.
1:20 pm Arrive at STOP 3 at Trap Rock Industries Moore’s Station Plant
2:00 pm Leave for 43 Route 29 N, Stockton, NJ
~13 mi./19 min.
2:30 pm Arrive at STOP 4 at Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park Trail
4:30 pm Leave and return to 81 NJ-12 W Flemington Commuter Lot  ~15 mi./20 min.
5:00 pm Arrive back in Flemington NJ at Liberty Village Commuter Lot at 81 NJ-12W

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NY Recess geologyGANJ 32 Field Excursion

STOP 1 is the Eastern Concrete Materials (ECM) concrete aggregate plant in Glen Garner, NJ. This operation is developed in Proterozoic gneiss and granite, and reveals a complex history of interaction of Mesozoic, Paleozoic, and Proterozoic structures. We will be hosted by ECM's mining engineer Michael Guida in exploring different classes of ductile to brittle geological structures of Musconetong Mountain. Pervasive sets of brittle, steeply dipping shear planes are interpreted to be components of an Early Mesozoic, transtentional fault system that cuts across and segments the mountain along its length (see picture below left). These structures are morphologically similar to and congruent with late-stage rift structures in the Newark Basin that stretched this part of the Appalachians to the southeast, then east. Recognition of Mesozoic transtentional structures foreland of the basin is crucial when deciphering any younger, neotectonic strains in older bedrock, and indicates that Mesozoic extension and collapse of the continental margin extends far into the continental interior.

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Eastern ConcreteECM Photos

STOP 2 is a transect in a tributary to Moores Creek that cuts across the Hopewell Fault in the Delaware Valley south of Bell Mountain in Mercer County, NJ (see map below). We will see candidate neotectonic structures cutting Triassic argillite in the footwall of the Hopewell Fault (STOP 2A) and relatively young, transtentional and other compresional mesostructures cutting Passaic Formation red beds in the hanging-wall fault block (STOP 2B).

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STOPS 2 & 3Figure 25 Passaic shale

STOP 3 will be in Trap Rock Industrie's Moore's Station quarry (see pics below). Quarry manager John Lyons will lead us inside the quarry where we'll see (from afar) the geological nature of the igneous intrusion with respect to suprajacent hornfels of the Passaic Formation in the ~120 meters of vertical face cuts.  We'll spend a short time mineral collecting from berms of excavated and crushed stone near the nonconfomity where zeolites and sulfides abound (see photo below right). There will be no direct contact with the quarry high walls here.

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2012 SW view of Moores Station quarry Mineral samples from Moores Station quarry
East view of Moores Station quarry

STOP 4 is a hike up the D&R Canal trail at Byram, NJ (near Point Pleasant, Pa.) beside the Delaware River. This stop includes some mysterious shattercone features in fractured and faulted Lockatong argillite underlying a trap-rock (dolerite/diabase) sill.

D & R Canal Trail geology at Point Pleasant

Scary shattercones

Shattercones in argillite

Meeting Sponsorship, Professional Development Credits, and Getting Involved

GANJ invites support of the annual meeting through sponsorship ($250.00). Sponsors receive recognition in the proceedings volume (1/2 page) and liks to their web pages on this site for a year.  Donations support geologic education in New Jersey by asubsidzing student's costs for attending the meeting and field trip.   

If attendance at the GANJ annual meeting is considered by your school, employer, or other organization to be an acceptable professional development activity, certificates of attendance will be provided. The number of contact hours will be listed in the Fall newsletter.

Please contact with your comments, to pledge a donation, or to become more involved with GANJ.

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