Proceedings of Annual Meetings with Field Guides, and Editors

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2017 XXXIV   (14 MB) The Piedmont: Old Rocks, New Understandings, Howell Bosbyshell
2016 XXXIII   (11.1 MB) Shallow Subsurface Geophysical Applications in Environmental Geology, Michael Gagliano and Suzanne Macaoay Ferguson
2015 XXXII   ( 110.3 MB) Neotectonics of the New York Recess, Gregory Herman and Suzanne Macaoay Ferguson
2014  XXXI (8.4 MB) Global Environmental Issues and Local Consequences: Earth Processes and Urban Environmetal Quality,  Nurdan Duzgoren-Aydin
2013 XXX  (12.6 MB) Igneous Processes During the Assembly and Break-up of Pangaea: Northern New Jersey and New York City, Alan Benimoff
2012 XXIX  ( 9.1 MB) Geology and Public Lands, Jane Alexander
2011 XXVIII   (5.4 MB) Environmental Geology of Central New Jersey, Emma Rainforth and Alan Uminski
2010 XXVII   (14.5 MB) Geology of the Greater Trenton Area and Its Impact on the Capital City, Pierre Lacombe
2009 XXVI   (5.2 MB) New Jersey Coastal Plain Straigraphy and Coastal Processes, Deborah Freile
2008 XXV  (9.1 MB) Environmental and Engineering Geology of Northeastern New Jersey, Matthew Gorring
2007 XXIV (8.8 MB) Contributions to the Paleontology of New Jersey 2, Emma Rainforth
2006 XXIII (15 MB) Environmental Geology of the Highlands, Suzanne Macaoay and William Montgomery
2005 XXII (17.5 MB) Newark Basin - View from the 21rst Century, Alexander Gates
2004 XXI (7.7 MB) Proterozoic, Paleozoic, and Mesozoic Mafic Intrusions of Northern New Jersey and Southeastern New York, John Puffer and Richard Volkert
2003 XX (7.2 MB) Periglacial Feaures of Southern New Jersey and Adjacent Areas, Michael Hozik and Mark Mihalsky
2002 XIX (13.3 MB) Geology of the Deleware Water Gap Area, Dana D'Amato
2001 XVIII  8.7 MB Geology in the Service of Public Health, Pierre Lacombe and Gregory Herman
2000 XVII  (9.1 MB) Glacial Geology of New Jersey, David Harper and Fred Goldstein
1999 XVI (9.8 MB) New Jersey Beaches and Coastal Processes from Geologic and Environmental Perspectives, John Puffer
1998 XV (11.0 MB) The Economic Geology of Central New Jersey, John Puffer
1997 XIV (7.8 MB) The Economic Geology of Northern New Jersey, Alan Benimoff and John Puffer
1996 XIII (16.7 MB) Karst Geology of New Jerrey and Vicinity, Richard Dalton and James Brown
1995 XII (21.5 MB) Contributions to the Paleontology of New Jersey 1, John Baker
1994 XI  (16.7 MB) Geology of Staten Island, Alan Benimoff
1993 X (11.7 MB) Geologic Traverse Across the Precambrian Rocks of the New JErsey Highlands, John Puffer
1992 IX (9.5 MB) Environmental Geology of the Raritan River Basin, Gail Ashley and Susan Halsey
1991 VIII (5.2 MB) Evolution and Assembly of the Pennsylvania-Delware Piedmoint, Maria and William Crawford
1990 VII (8.5 MB) Aspects of Groundwater in New Jersey, James Brown and Richard Kroll
1989 VI  (12 MB) Paleozoic Geology of the Kittatinny Valley and Southwest Highlands Area, New Jersey, Irvin Grossman
1988 V (12 MB) Geology of the Central Newark Basin, Jonathan Husch and Michael Hozik
1987 IV  (3.1 MB) Paleontology and Strtigraphy of Lower Paleoic Deposits of the Delware Water Gap, William Gallagher
1986 III 6.1 MB) Geology of the New Jersey Highlands and Radon in New Jersey, Jonathan Husch and Fred Goldstein
1985  II  (10.2MB) Geological Investigation of the Coastal Plain of Southern New Jersey, Ray Talkington and Claude Epstein
1984 I (7.3 MB) Igneous Rocks of the Newark Basin: Petrology, Mineralogy, and Ore Depoists, John Puffer

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