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Presidential Greetings #1:

“Ask not what GANJ can do for you, but…..”

“Things do happen”. I was taken by surprise when asked to be nominated for the 2018-2019 president position. Subsequently during the 2018 annual meeting, Dr. Michael Hozik said “How surprised” he was about “How Little Effort in Arm Pulling” it took for me to accept an emergency return to the Executive Board. Well, “despite the work”, there is quite a bit of fun and comradery involved with the “job”. I know that my first round as a GANJ executive led to a lot of networking and career opportunities that would not have happened otherwise in my checkered geologic career.

As a strictly volunteer, non-profit organization at 35 years of age, GANJ has been quite successful. This despite of, if not due to, the changing landscape of employment and education opportunities for earth scientists in the Garden State. Despite the circumstances of my return, I think GANJ will be going strong for another 35 plus years…With “that” said, I urge members to consider getting involved, either as an executive, helping hand, or technical presenter for a lecture or field stop at the annual meeting: whether your motive to do it is for career advancement, fun, or both!

Besides getting actively involved, if you have an idea for the whole or part of a future meeting or field trip please contact me or anyone on the Executive Board. It is amazing how an idea, like leaving the rock hammers at home and taking a boat ride up the Delaware, can lead to a fantastic meeting!


Dr. Jim Brown, President

Feel free to contact me at: